Strategic cooperation in the 21st century is bringing about rapid changes in the midst of globalization, therefore, demanding a more competitive edge for advancing corporations. Then what must Korean companies first and foremost do for globalization?

Like the popular catch phrase ¡°what is most Korean is global,¡± anything that is recognized as universal needs to have the power to go beyond cultural boundaries.

Doesn¡¯t having a competitive edge mean to have thorough understanding of the language, behavior and thoughts of your competitors? The power to select and develop a product internationally comes from having a precise understanding of other cultures.

We believe that a comprehensive understanding of different cultures serves as a powerful foundation to differentiate what can be marketed and developed globally.

Korean companies are currently exerting every effort to be among the top international corporations. However, they face difficulties for there are no existing international network infrastructure managements that can take on this pivotal role.

Various attempts to foster domestic global professionals such as adapting English as an official second language is just not enough to supply the demand. The company that can resolve this will be at the forefront of globalization.

IBCA strives to contribute to the growth and development for Korean businesses through fostering and strengthening the value of the company and its human resources.

IBCA is an International Business Communication Consulting company that researches and analyzes domestic and international business situations to deliver customized communication programs.

By precisely analyzing popular case studies, we provide the most up to date standardized programs that can serve as a foundation for Korean businesses that strive for the global standard.